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With the intention of producing a methodological change, introducing ICT and new educational practices such as peer learning and PBL (project based learning) in our schools to ensure that our students acquire good skills and competences that prepare them for their future life, the idea of proposing to our students a real challenge arose. The students, working in international leading teams, will conduct a real-like project about eating habits among teenagers at a European level, simulating a current international team that we could find in any company or research university center. They will have to corroborate or refute the hypothesis that nutrition affects learning process since there are studies that claim that an unhealthy diet may cause deficit of attention troubles and academic failure. Throughout this process and as a result of it they will have to convince their classmates of the need to improve their food habits, but above all they will try to reach the families which are the principal agents of the nutrition of adolescents.

They will perform this ambitious project hand in hand with the teachers involved, being the number of students 20-30 and of teachers 5-7 (included the coordinator) in each leading team representing the schools. However, the project intends to have an impact on the entire educational community (teachers, students, families) in an active way participating in certain activities and also in the local community through dissemination activities. The students from the leading team will be those who will participate in LTTA meetings, where real work environments will be simulated, as activities' titles indicate (Let's be teachers!, Let's be statisticians!) and they will also be responsible for the dissemination to the rest of the educational community.

It goes without saying that all the activities will pursue the objective of the students' project that will be to improve the diet of the teenagers through the families.

We are 5 different schools in the project, with different backgrounds, from all around the Europe (Croatia, Latvia, Poland, Portugal and Spain) in order to share innovative practices and experiences and create innovative materials. During the implementation of the project we will integrate the good practices and the new acquired methods into daily school activities, thus hoping to contribute to improve lifestyle of students and thus attention troubles in classrooms.

The specific objectives of this project are:

-To promote a successful partnership in order to provide a more attractive education while working on the topic of healthy breakfast (food in general) in the frame of each school curricula.

-To develop students’ and teachers’ key competences and skills such as foreign languages skills, digital /ICT competences and project management skills while working on the topic.

-To make students and their families conscious of the importance of diet to attend school and daily life and improve their habits.

-To promote students’ interest for a healthy style.

-To determinate teachers’ acquiring of innovative and modern pedagogical approaches thus contributing to improve students’ school and personal accomplishment

-To improve students’ motivation for learning with the help of interesting and less conventional activities of the project.

 -To involve families in the the daily life of school.

If one of the main objectives of the project is achieved, we will allow a whole generation of students to change their eating habits and transfer them to the new generation. In addition, working on this real project will enhance students' and teachers' ICT and foreign languages skills and their entrepreneurial abilities team of work and communication with their peers throughout Europe, which is the aim of our Erasmus +action. We also intend through the sharing of activities and outcomes of the project to bring a positive change and to be a real help to other schools in the national and international community.

What's the project about?

Short video created by a Croatian student.

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