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Let's be teachers! 

LTTA1: Poland

Students and teachers prepared in their schools workshops taking into account the outcomes of the surveys previously passed on students and families and focused on the most relevant aspects. Different proposals of workshops are presented at each school by groups of students and the two chosen by each school are presented at the international meeting. So that, 10 workshops are presented by students.

Students from each school attending the meeting will be the responsible to carry on the workshops of the other schools when they come back to their own school. The goal of this meeting is to share the workshops presented by each school and then present them to their schoolmates (peer learning). The participating students become thus the transfer agents.

On the occasion of the meeting we also carry out the final stage of the poster contest about healthy diet or denying false common ideas. Five posters from each school chosen by the school community are displayed at the meeting and the attendants – students and teachers- choose the 10 that will be later displayed at every school.


Workshops presented by students

International healthy poster contest

Teachers meeting


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