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First Evaluation

Departure point of the project. The survey was created by students but teachers analyzed the results. Nevertheless, students present them to school communities. 

What did students, teachers and families know about healthy breakfasts?

Intermediate Evaluation

At the end of the first year of the project we wanted to know the impressions of our school communitites (teachers and students) in order to know what to improve about the development of the project.


In each LTTA teachers reviewed the checklist of the aims and objectives of the project and timeline in order to keep under observation the development of the project.

Final Evaluation

The final evaluation of the project was made by students in our final virtual meeting and it was based in different aspects:

- Did we learn about healthy breakfasts?

- Did we improve our lifelong key compentences?

- Did teachers improve their skills?

- General ideas about pros and cons of the project.

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