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Games to discover cities

Every time we met in a country, the students from that country prepared fun activities and games that would help other foreign students to discover all the most emblematic corners of the city: from clue game to photo shoots to be published in our Instagram, it was big fun!



OBJECTIVES OF THE ACTIVITY: Icebreaking activity and cultural knowledge of the city. Artistic key competence also.


DESCRIPTION OF THE ACTIVITY: The Granollers clue game will be a game to get to know and visit the city. There will be a total of 8 groups, 7 groups will be of 8 and one of 9 people. All groups start from La Porxada, but each group starts at a different point and then follows the order. When all the groups have finished to take all the photos they go to the meeting point in Parc Torres Villar.


Every place you go to you have to take a photo with the following instructions and upload it in our instagram with the number of your group:


  • Porxada: all the group have to stand on top of “La Pedra de l’Encant”

  • Plaça del Patufet: a photo with the “Patufet”

  • Plaça de l’Església: a photo praying to god in front of the church

  • Fonda Europa: pretending you are a posh

  • Plaça Berenguer: a photo making an acrosport figure

  • Plaça dels porcs: take a picture acting like pigs

  • TAG: take a picture with a cat

  • Plaça Maluquer i Salvador: the group has to take a picture as high as possible

  • Plaça de las Ollas: Take a picture of you as a pot


OBJECTIVES OF THE ACTIVITY: Artistic and cultural key competence also.




Search all these monuments at the places that we are going and take a photo of your team and upload it in our Instagram account:


1. Dragon of the “Parc Güell”

2. Facade of “La Sagrada Familia”

3. Entrance of “El mercat de la Boqueria”

4. “Flower stalls at the rambles boulevard”

5. “Colom”



Answer these questions:

1. Who is the architect of the ParK Güell?

2. Mention the 3 products that you see most in the “Mercat de la Boqueria”

3. Mention 4 animals that you see in the “Parc Güell”

4. How many towers has “La Sagrada Familia” got?

5. How old is “ParK Güell”?

6. What can we see at the end of the “Ramblas”?

8. Who made the mosaic of the “Ramblas”?

9. What is “El Liceu”?

10. You are at the end of the visit in Barcelona. So, what you liked the most of the different places you visited today?



You are about to start a visit to Lisbon’s downtown. You must go all the signed way and take photos of the group in every marked place. Be careful when you cross the street.

  1. Cais do Sodré train station

  2. Ribeira Market

  3. Luis de Camões Statue (Camões Square)

  4. Fernando Pessoa Statue (Brasileira)

  5. Santa Justa Elevator

  6. D. Maria National Theatre

  7. Rossio Train Station

  8. Hard Rock Café Lisboa

  9. Rua Augusta Arch way

  10. Terreiro do Paço – Cais das Colunas (Two Columns Dock)

Remember: All members of the group must be in the photo, otherwise the group will be penalized.

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