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Let's be orators! 

LTTA4: Spain

Prior to the meeting, the students learned the formal rules of debating and  held debate leagues at their schools to choose the best speakers that will be presented at the Barcelona meeting. In their turn, the teachers agreed on the guidelines for and against to be considered in the transnational debate. To prepare it they deal in their lessons with aspects such as food therapy and diet anthropology.

At the meeting a small-scale debate league is held and one debating team come out as winner. Teams are composed by one student from each country, so we have 6 teams in order to do the small league. The debate serve to know aspects of the diet related to religious, cultural, beliefs...

Students also work on the second magazine and blog.

Another important point of this meeting it's that students attend some workshops at Fundació Alicia (as teachers did in the first meeting) and in Museu de la Pesca at Palamós about Mediterranean diet.


Teachers meeting


Second magazine

Presentation of school

Fundació Alícia and

Museu de la Pesca workshops


The winning team!!!

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