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Essential tools for the project:

Teachers training Barcelona

In order to start the project, it is very important that teachers have clear ideas about healthy diet, good breakfast to go to school, and, in general, a healthy lifestyle in order to be able to transfer them to students. It is for this reason that it was planned to make a first meeting and ask for help to Fundació Alícia (a prestigious foundation that deals with research and dissemination of healthy eating) to offer workshops to teachers. Two teachers from each school (the coordinator and one person from management team) attend them and are responsible for disseminating all the learning to the rest of the teachers of the school when returning. The opportunity is used to meet one another face to face and to finish to plan some essential details for the proper running of the project. One of the important tasks is to discuss how to create together the initial survey that will be submitted to the students and families to analyze the initial situation.

Official programme

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Teachers meetings


Teachers training courses material

Students from Spanish school organized some activities for teachers.

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Schools presentation

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